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About Us

The UK’s leading specialists in dewatering, groundwater and ground remediation systems using well pointing systems, deep wells, together with the supply of consumables and pumps to the drilling industry.

Stuart Well Services Ltd has 25 years’ experience as a groundwater control and testing sub-contractor for the test pumping of wells in compliance with the BS EN ISO 22282-4:2012 Geotechnical investigation and testing, PART 4 which has superseded the BS 5930:1999 standard.

Within house facilities include water borehole pumps rated from 0.017 to 60l/s at varying heads together with associated power generation units for remote site usage and associated equipment, pipelines, flow meters , hook gauges, Imhoff cones and data loggers for deployment as site requirements dictate. Long term employed staff are disciplined in the procedures and understanding of following detailed time dependant protocols for hydrometric determinations during test pumping of wells for site investigations.

Pumping tests for water wells to BS ISO 14686:2003 are also routinely undertaken with water utility providers, site investigation contractors and consultancies as the client.

Recent projects have encompassed testing on Crossrail sites, proposed new nuclear power generation facilities , water supply wells, ground water assessments for installation of deep storm water attenuation tanks and new mining facilities infrastructure investigations.

Well PointingWell point dewatering systems are used to lower groundwater levels to provide stable working conditions in excavations. Well point dewatering systems are particularly suited to dewatering in foundation pipelines runs and trench works.

A well point dewatering system consists of closely spaced shallow wells. The wellpoints are connected to a common header main and are pumped with a vacuum dewatering pump. Draw down to depths of 7 m bgl are possible using this method.

Deep well dewatering systems are used to reduce groundwater levels to provide dry working conditions in deep excavations. A deep well system encompasses a number of drilled wells, within each well an electric submersible pump is installed at depth to pump the water up the well at a specified flow rate to achieve the required drawdown for the construction works.

Pump and TreatOn Brownfield site’s ground water contamination can be an issue and we have mobile treatment licences to treat ground water on site to satisfy planning conditions. Our treatment methodologies commonly utilise oil water separation, air stripping of ground water for removal of volatile organic compounds and activated carbon to treat dissolved phase materials. Other more specialised methods of treatment are also available together with abstraction techniques.

We also undertaken soil treatments both in situ and by soil farming techniques.

Bentonite PelletsConsumables for the site investigation drilling industry; well liners, filter sands, bentonite, protective covers and the associated ancillary products are ex stock.

For the geothermal market, ground source heat loops, bentonite enhance grout mixers are also available.