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Protective Covers

Air Sparging

We stock water tight monitoring well covers, daisy covers, upright steel covers, square well covers and PVC flanged well head Assemblies. All well covers suit a variety of applications from industrial premises to basement floors.

Water Tight Monitoring Well Covers

Water Tight Monitoring Well Covers

These covers are BS124 and EN125 rated and have been designed to identify the borehole as a monitoring well - they have a large cast-iron triangle design to this effect.

The watertight finish is accomplished by use of machine fitted Buna-N-O' Ring, with two stainless steel bolts and nylon washers providing security.

The entire manhole is painted black with special rust resistant paint. Typical applications for these covers are industrial premises and petrol station forecourts where a watertight cover that can withstand high loading is required. The flush protective covers will be solely manufactured from cast iron in two parts, the support frame will be cast as a one piece unit to prevent leakage through the support frame.

Water Tight Monitoring Well Covers

The circular protective cover lids will have a finished painted surface with a black background and white triangle, embossed with "Observation Monitoring Well WARNING DO NOT FILL" the cover will be sealable using two stainless steel bolts & nylon washers the bolts passing through the lid and into the support frame machined to accept the steel bolts, a Buna "O" ring fitted to the top of the support frame in a machined recess to create a watertight seal; both parts of the of the cover will carry the British Standards Kite mark and the lids will be badged BS124 EN125, and embossed "MADE IN THE UK" on the lid casting.

Part No. Maximum Diameter Internal Diameter Load Rate
CMW6 151 100 mm 12.5 Tonne
CMW8 258 190 mm 12.5 Tonne

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Upright Steel Covers

Upright Steel Covers

These covers are normally installed in fields so that as well as protecting the borehole they also allow the location of the borehole to be easily identified.

Manufactured from steel they offer the best quality of security and durability. The top cover plate is held by a welded pin and allows rotation through 360-degrees enabling access to the protected monitoring pipe.

The lid also provides a platform for a dipmeter or gas monitor to be rested upon.

Order No. C100S C150S C200S C300S Dimensions
A (mm) 500 600 750 750 dimensions
B (mm) 100 150 200 300
C (mm) 190 250 300 380
D (mm) 100 100 150 150
E (mm) 13 13 13 13

Square Well Covers

A new range of square well covers in 4" x 4" and 6" x 5" sizes are also now available from stock.

Part No. Dimensions
C114I 4" x 4"
C150I 6" x 5"
Square Well Covers

PVC Flanged Well Head Assembly

Under new guidelines all water wells should be fitted with a fully sealed PVC Flanged Wellhead Assembly but must remain fully accessible. Stuart Well Services PVC Flanged Wellheads are designed & manufactured to meet these new regulations.

Our Flanged Wellheads are supplied with a blank top plate allowing you to position your required wellhead equipment in the most desirable position When fully closed these units create a water tight seal.

PVC Flanged Well Head Assembly

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ISO-9001 ISO-14001
ISO-22301 ISO-45001
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