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Ground Freezing

Artificial Ground Freezing (AGF)

Artificial Ground Freezing (AGF) is a ground improvement process that changes liquid soil porewater to ice. AGF fuses the soil particles together, greatly increasing soil shear strength, creating a bearing wall of frozen ground. It can be used as an effective non-pumping method of groundwater control with the creation of a groundwater cut-off.

A closed looped AGF operation involves the use of refrigeration plant (chillers) and cooled brine solution that is pumped through a series of freeze pipes. Temperature monitoring points are installed as part of the AGF system.

Stuart Wells Limited offers a one-stop service for the design, installation, maintenance, and operation of Ground Freezing Systems. Our services include:

  • Initial consultancy and review for AGF feasibility with projects and initial design.
  • Full design of AGF systems and AGF monitoring systems.
  • Installation and commissioning of AGF systems.
  • Hire of all equipment required to undertake AGF; and
  • The ongoing management and monitoring of the freezing process.

Ground Freezing simply turns groundwater to ice that in turn increases soil stability by creating a frozen soil wall around an excavation or soil zone. It is a versatile method for temporary ground improvement or to provide a groundwater cut-off.

Stuart Wells offers a closed looped ground freezing involves the use of refrigeration plant (chillers) and the use of a cooled brine solution that is pumped through a series of freezing pipes installed in the ground to return to the chiller to continue the circulation.

Under normal conditions ground freezing can be achieved within 4-6 weeks. In addition to freeze pipe temperature monitoring points are installed to monitor the system operation and performance.

The design of a ground freezing system will depend upon a number of parameters such as soil conditions, groundwater temperature, site constraints and configuration. Stuart Wells can undertake feasibility studies together with any required site investigation.

For further information and advice regarding Ground Freezing please do not hesitate to contact us.

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