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Borehole Condition Survey

Groundwater level and water quality monitoring services

We provide a comprehensive service in assessing the condition of a well or borehole. As well as offering a range of improvement methods.

Borehole Condition Survey

well condition survey borehole CCTV

Stuart Wells offer a comprehensive well condition survey to assess the condition of a well or borehole you have, which may include:

  • Water Quality
  • Pumping issues
  • Establish potential yield
  • Confirm well dimensions & installation detail

Geophysical Testing such as borehole CCTV can be used to quickly identify issues. In conjunction with a verticality and caliper logging it can be used to determine the dimensions and well installation detail. Existing well yield can be estimated by undertaking permeability testing.

We can take a water sample for analysis at a UKAS laboratory against current UK Drinking Water Quality Standards.

Well Improvement Methods

If required we can look to improve yield and water quality of an existing well, by using a variety of methods:

  • Airlifting & Surging
  • Chemical treatment (BoreSaver)
  • In-situ water treatment and filtration systems.

Please contact us to discuss any issues you may have with an existing well or borehole.

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