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Borehole Decommissioning

Air Sparging

We offer a one-stop service to undertake decommissioning of all types of wells in accordance with the environmental guidelines.

Borehole Decommissioning

Dewatering Design Methods

As well as installing wells we are also able to undertake decommissioning of wells in accordance with the Environment Agency guidelines in England & Wales and for Scotland.

PDF SEPA Decommissioning Redundant Boreholes and Wells

Borehole Decommissioning is required for wells that are no longer required. They need to be made safe and structurally stable and backfilled or sealed to prevent groundwater pollution and mixing of groundwater between different aquifers.

Typically boreholes are decommissioned to:

  • Remove the hazard of an open hole (structural & safety issues).
  • Prevent the borehole acting as a conduit for contamination of groundwater.
  • Prevent the mixing of contaminated and uncontaminated groundwater from different aquifers.
  • Prevent the wastage of groundwater from the overflow from artesian boreholes.

We offer a one-stop service to successfully decommission all types of wells, from small diameter monitoring wells to artesian wells. We can undertake searches for any historic information, a well condition survey using geotechnical survey methods and submit a decommissioning report upon completion.

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