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The Sure-loc riser pipe, for installation of submersible pumps in water wells, utilises an innovative pipe work mating arrangement.
This makes the installation of borehole pumps much simpler.

Sure-Loc Riser Pipe

Sure-Loc riser pipe for installation of submersible pumps in water wells utilises an innovative pipe work mating arrangement. This makes the installation of borehole pumps much simpler, with less effort for the drilling contractor installing borehole pumps.

The uPVC pipe with a unique external rib feature locks the mating socket with guide ways to the external ribs on the riser pipe using nylon splines. This unique system of the ribs extruded pipe takes care of the torsion forces which will occur during pump start up and stopping.

Sure-Loc Riser Pipe

The Sure-Loc system with self aligning ribs in the pipe and groves in the socket allow high strength nylon splines to be inserted forming a circumferential joint that locks the socket to the pipe and to make doubly "sure to loc" there is a second spline at each joint.

Combine the double spline with the key way coupling it over comes the need for grease on conventional screwed and socketed metal pipe and the repeated effort to tighten the pipe and fiddly torque control screws of other products and the subsequent requirement to torque in the screws.

Like wise to disassemble you simply have to remove the splines to unmake the joint.

Sure-Loc riser pipe is designed and manufactured to conform or exceed the performance requirements of ASTM specification D1785 schedule 80.

The initial cost of the Sure-Loc riser pipe combined with a long life (it will not rust) makes Sure-Loc the product of first choice for installation of submersible pump installations within water abstraction wells.

The system is also popular for temporary pump installations for clearance pumping, test pumping of water wells and for temporary dewatering systems on construction sites.

The Sure-Loc pipe work covers the range from 1.25" up to 4" and is economical compared to conventional metal riser pipes and heavy duty layflat hose currently available in the market.

Technical details of Sure-Loc Plus column pipe
Nom - inal dia - meter inch Outside diameter inch Min wall thick - ness Outside dia - meter Max depth of install. Max string weight* Max joint strength Max pump cap - acity Max pump pressure Max pump dis - charge
(inch) (inch) (mm) (mm) (mm) (m) (ft) (kg) (lbs) (kg) (lbs) (HP) (kg/cm²) (psi) (lpm)
1.25" 1.660 42.16 4.85 55 145 475 480 1056 680 1496 10 32.91 468 79
1.5" 1.894 48 5.08 63 145 475 550 1210 860 1892 15 29.75 423 109
2" 2.369 60 5.54 81 145 475 740 1628 1100 2420 20 25.32 360 182
3" 3.492 88 7.62 114 145 475 1450 3190 2260 4972 30 23.42 333 407
4" 4.491 114 8.56 141 145 475 2180 4796 3650 8030 50 20.25 288 709

Note: * Considering discharge pressure of 0.3 kg/cm² (4.26 psi) at well head.

Other sizes available to order on request

Accreditations and Associations

ISO-9001 ISO-14001
ISO-22301 ISO-45001
The Temporary Works Forum (TWf)